All The Pinks.

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Glitter Glasses
Glitter Glasses4
Glitter Glasses2
Dress - Topshop, Top, Shoes and Coat - Thrifted, Bobble - Primark, Bag - Louis Vuitton
Glitter Glasses1
Glitter Glasses3
All The Pinks.

This was the day when I actually wasn't going anywhere that interesting, I just wanted to wear my new 'old' clothes and dress up a little - why not? Why should nicer clothes be pushed to the back of the wardrobe for special occasions? If I happened to be a fancy jacket or a particularly sparkly dress I would feel very left out of I only got to see the light of day once a year for an hour or two.

I emerged from the house looking like I was about to be whisked off somewhere fancy - the wind was blowing at the right speed to make me look like I was in slow motion, the sparkly glasses were firmly on, I was tapping on my phone (looking important), I was adorned with my most ladylike bag and I went to the post office...

YouTube is a thing I am doing now, well I have made one so I'm not sure if that counts. If you fancy having a look then that is definitely something you should do.
I managed to take a super small video of my outfit aswell just because the dress looks so much prettier with a bit of movement ^^^


  1. So lovely! Your coat is gorgeous! <3

    Jennie xo |

    1. Cheers Jennie! I adopted the coat from my friend as she wasn't loving it! HA x

  2. Cute outfit! So vintage :) xx


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