A Tale of Two Cities... Mainly Paris 3

Monday, 18 November 2013

Paris Day Three3
Paris Day Three
Jacket & Playsuit - Primark, Bag - Louis Vuitton
Paris Day Three16
Paris Day Three2
Paris Day Three18
Paris Day Three7
A Tale of Two Cities... Mainly Paris 3

Me and Allan are not the easiest people to shake out of sleep when morning arrives, but when your in Paris sleeping feels like cheating. On our third day we decided to go and visit Marie Antoinette's house - The Palace of Versailles, which was a short train journey out of the center.

We thought we would spend a couple of hours and be on our way to discover the rest of Paris, but bloody hell - that place is massive. We went for a wander around the countless beautiful gardens before heading inside to explore the inside. It was surreal to this that Marie Antoinette once swished around there in all hers wigs and dresses, eating macaroons like the perfect delights they are.

Overall it was a perfect day, we ended the day with a moonlight boat tour - but more on that later...
Paris Day Three5
Paris Day Three6
Paris Day Three8
Paris Day Three11
Paris Day Three1
Paris Day Three10
Paris Day Three13
We literally walked around Antoinette's pad either like this ^^^^ or just with our mouths wide open.
Paris Day Three4
Paris Day Three14
Paris Day Three15
The selection of art was incredible.
Paris Day Three12
Paris Day Three9
Paris Day Three17
Pattern clashing at its best.


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