A Tale of Two Cities - Mainly Paris..

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Paris Day One3
Paris Day One1
Jumping the Eurostar, feeling rather swish
Paris Day One7
Paris Day One6
Dress - Primark, Bag - Louis Vuitton, Sunglasses - TK Maxx, Shoes - New Look, Happy Face - Courtesy of Allan and Paris
Paris Day One5
A Tale of Two Cities - Mainly Paris...


I was at least half my height when I was last on Parisian soil, the extra growth has only added to my excitement for Paris. Firstly - having the option of jumping on a tube, arriving only 30 minutes before and sitting with croissants on a train is much more appealing than hanging around for 2 hours in an airport, before being thrust into the sky.

We were in our hotel oogling the Eiffel Tower from our hotel window before it hit me that we were in Paris, we decided to swing past the old girl before heading to eat and take in the wonder that is Paris. Obviously the floods of chic, well put together people pushes you to (attempt to...) do the same with my sunglasses, floaty dress and a posh bag swinging from my arm.

Our first day in Paris needed cementing some way so fate dealt us a brilliant yet expensive hand by directing us (accidently) into the most expensive bar in Paris... although we made up for it by discovering a happy hour bar straight after, cocktails ensued before a late night stroll back home along the Seine. Paris I love you x
Paris Day One4
Paris Day One8
Why wouldn't you wear a suit to bike in - I have lost all sense of reason
Paris Day One9
Paris Day One
YES - we accidentally walked into the most expensive bar in Paris, YES - that is two glasses of £22 wine....


  1. wow this looks and sounds like an amazing time!
    I'd love to go back to Paris one day in the future :D

    lovely photos!




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