The Gym Diaries

Saturday, 9 November 2013

I have done the inevitable and joined a gym. I went through the natural stages - bought a gym membership, found out how to get to the gym, looked at the classes that may tempt me throughout my time, bought trainers and bought some gym clothes. The step I was least excited about was actually walking through the gym doors and placing myself on a machine. Today was that day, today was also the day I realised how goddamn unfit and unhealthy I really am. I managed a pathetic 30 minutes before seeing stars and feeling like I was about to pass out. I decided that since a I am a complete beginner and I am attempting to eat healthier also, documenting some of my findings may be helpful to others who also go bright red after moving quickly for two minutes.. One thing I have discovered from today is that the gym isn't as scary as I originally envisioned. It isn't filled with fit people flexing arrogantly or people staring at you because you are currently an inadequate gym goer - it was just filled with people minding their own business. Win.


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