Meat Adventures - Honest Burger Brixton

Sunday, 6 October 2013

Queueing made simple
Playsuit - Primark, Lipstick - Revlon (Cherries in the Snow)
Meat Adventures - Honest Burger Brixton

As with all good humans (meat eaters and veggies alike)  - I am determined to try all the burgers in the world to discover the champion, number one, 'one and only' burger...

Honest Burger is a in-expensive, good, honest (as the name implies) pack of meaty deliciousness. I am not the most patient of people and really dislike queuing for an age to get a bite of beef (Meat Liquor, I am looking at you) but Honest Burger have gone the extra step - you are placed in a virtual queue, giving you the option wander elsewhere for a drink whilst you are waiting. You can follow your place in the queue, which led to eager refreshing every two minutes "Jesus we're next...., DRINK"

The service was great, they served great cider (always a plus in my book), chips are automatically included!!!!!, the beef was juicy, the cheese was dripping and fortunately for me - the company was impeccable.



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