The Wondrous World of Tinder

Tuesday, 29 December 2015

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The Wondrous World of Tinder

After being in a relationship for almost ten years, dating was a completely foreign concept...

...Enter, Tinder.

To me, Tinder seemed to be the easiest way to dip my toe into the dating pool, see how it felt, see if anything 'bit' or if I would drown...  I am still around to tell the ever so entertaining tale. I thought I could tell this tale best via the medium of video. I have thrown in a few stories, a lot of realisations and the tips to live by on Tinder. 

I have actually found Tinder fun. After being in a relationship since birth, I am quite rightly not heading out into the wondrous world of dating looking for (to quote someone who seems to know the business) 'mr right, but instead, mr right now'. After a big break up, I've discovered that you need to get to know yourself again on your own before sharing yourself again.

Anyway, enough waffling and sentiment, there is a fun video to feast on.... Ashley's YouTube Place


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