Walking With Dinos

Saturday, 29 August 2015

Walking With Dinos

Oh Sundays, glorious Sundays - I wish there were so many more of you in the week.

This particular Sunday was spent dino spotting in Crystal Palace... yes, you heard that entirely correct - dinosaur spotting. Crystal Palace is a wondrous place - it has foregone the usual route of chained restaurants and big superstores - they have instead embraced independence. I would take a quirky coffee establishment over a Starbucks any day, big bravo CP.

The Palace has a pretty fun history, apparently when the park first opened in 1852, a full dinner party for 12 people was held inside the 'Igaunodon'... oh to be alive in a time in 1852 to feast amongst the extinct. We did manage to blow some bubbles, drink some cider and eat a few snacks whilst viewing the creatures, same?

This also happened to be a typical England Sunday - flipping between extreme heat, icy wind and rain, which is where 'the flasher' comes in extremely handy. I have begun to live in this coat (I am sure you must have noticed its overwhelming presence by now...) and I am happy in my new habitat, it appears to just 'go' with everything and makes me feel a bit like Batman in the wind - all things I am pretty happy with.

Go to CP and report back? Until next time...


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