Trainwreck, A Run Down

Thursday, 27 August 2015

Trainwreck, A Run Down

Firstly, I adore Amy Schumer - I think her comedy, her mentality and general outlook on life is spot on. It shouldn't be the case at all, but when somebody comes along who is willing to be bold, speak their mind and ultimately be themselves, it's overwhelmingly refreshing.

Which is precisely why I was beyond excited for Trainwreck. I watched the trailer repeatedly, giggled madly and told everyone I came across about how good this film was going to be. Now, I get it, I built this film up to the top of the top - the rom-com to end all rom-coms.... and it kills me to say that I was disappointed...

I liked the character Amy's attitude - she was successful, had a great flat, great friends, a great job and  was single - and not sad single, not a single girl constantly on the look out and pining for a partner to make her life complete... she was single, happy and content enough in herself that she could date, call the shots in her own life, have sex freely with exactly who she wanted and be happy with it.

I enjoyed the fact that Amy went on a few dates and didn't (in standard rom-com behaviour) fall at his feet - there was no last name squiggling in her diary, no mooning conversations to her mates just pure, realistic pessimism.

The film diverted from that direction slightly... There were parts of the film that made me laugh out loud (yes LOL, but writing LOL makes me feel nauseous) but parts of the film were just a bit uncomfortable and not in a good, self realisation way. There was a lot of emphasis on the fact that her sister got married, her sisters husband was portrayed like an oddball for following 'the well trodden route', there was an intervention and a dance scene, oh god, a dance scene - I get that this film was designed to mock the standard rom-com story lines and stereotypes, but there was something just slightly 'off'.

I have been partial to a Judd Apatow film in the past and that is exactly what this feels like - Apatow rather than Schumer, should have been Schumer.

Have you seen it? Am I talk a load of bull? Tell me..


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