Doing things you know you shouldn't.

Monday, 13 July 2015

This isn't going to be one of those posts where I suddenly feel the need to purge my soul and reveal that I was a shoplifter when I was a teen (I wasn't) or one of those kids that sat in the graveyard drinking three litre bottles of 'White Lightening' (that however, I was). 

It is more a case of realising that I do things I know full well I shouldn't on a daily basis, examples of this strange behaviour can / may include:
  • Watching sad films (*can also include -listening to sad music) when feeling down, knowing full well it will only allow me to wallow further into the cave of sadness.
  • Buying something that I know will leave my bank balance looking sickly.
  • Disliking some people without any need.
  • Losing touch with people.
  • Feeling sorry for myself. W A L L O W I N G helps no-one.
  • Eating the entire contents of two sharing bag of salt & vinegar kettle chips (this example was donated by a pal...obvs)
  • Listening to the Twilight audiobook for a third time when I am not a crazed teenage fangirl (also donated by a pal..)
All relatively normal human behaviour and when I realise I am doing it 'those things I know I shouldn't' I chide myself for being a complete mard-arse. (for the non-Northen folk - 'mard-arse' - spoiled, sulky, sullen, having a tantrum, being a whinger, being difficult OR go with the Arctic Monkeys, they summed it up rather splendidly

So, that (as they say) is that - tell me your secrets...

I also went to Highgate Cemetery - more on that beaut later... but for now, I thought they added (quite marvellously) to my dramatic mood.


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