Rowdy Ramblers

Thursday, 16 July 2015

Rowdy Ramblers
Rowdy Ramblers3
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Rowdy Ramblers

One sunny, delightful Saturday in July - I went on a ramble and it was rowdy, the 'rowdy rambler' title can live on. A lovely lady has been organising these rather fantastic rambles for years, this was my first, it was splendid.

It was quite an achievement to add to my list making it to Victoria station on time - we were all meeting at 10.30 am, I woke up at 9.30 am, hungover. I arrived lagging behind my pal, iced coffee, headache tablets and a Pret tuna baguette in hand. Hurdle number one had been tackled. We were starting the walk / hike / ramble in Hassocks before making the 11 mile walk to Lewes to travel back.

As you have probably grasped by now, the place / places were beaut. There is something magical about escaping the city for the day, wandering through fields and getting a big hit of fresh air. The meandering paths turned rather frequently into uphill paths, my bum muscles complained the next day, I however, did not. Half way through, we stopped at one of the most wondrous pubs I have ever stumbled across for a refuel with food and cider to help us on our way. The pub had an abundance of charm, local ciders and a bow of free tampons in the ladies (what a bloody nice touch eh?).

So, a run down of the day - hangover, iced coffee, train, fields, sun, merchandised hats, a mirage ice cream van, fields, hikers with walking sticks, cider, fields, greeness, air, sheep, pub lunch, cider, fields, forest, views, fields, road, laughter, 'banter', rowdiness, cider, pub, train, tube, walk, dirty burger, bed.

All in a days work, as they say... If you have any brill suggestions for new rambling destinations, do leave me a comment - I have caught the 'rambling' bug it seems. Speak soon x
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