Favourite Places_01: Vauxhall Beach

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Vauxhall Beach3
Vauxhall Beach5
Trousers & Socks - Topshop, Top - Brandy Melville, Coat - H&M, Converse
Vauxhall Beach2
Vauxhall Beach6
Favourite Places_01: Vauxhall Beach

Everyone has places that they go to, places they rely on to provide comfort, happiness, fun, peace or just a place to take a cig / cider break... these places are important. A lot of my favourite places in and around London are random nooks and secret places (I like to think anyway, not the most trodden of paths). I thought I would start a series revealing a few good'uns, first up - 'Vauxhall Beach'.

Vauxhall Beach is probably an odd place for me to take on as one of my favourite places, but you know, it's happened. On first viewing, I was instantly taken in by the fact that it is a mini 'beach' near Vauxhall, central London is not famed for it's beaches... not only that but it's in a place which is just far enough away from 'Southbank mania' to be hidden, peaceful and feel like mine. You can hear cars zooming past, people cracking on with their days but it's muffled by the sound of the tide an dthe occasional metal detector beep. I almost enjoy the exterior noise - it feels like life is carrying on whilst I am stood collecting myself and taking a breath in the eye of the storm (poetic eh?...)

This has been a place where I have found myself drinking cider and eating strawberries with pals after a long day, a place where I have come to be mad at the world, feel happier with myself and a place I once helped hunt for 'art piece standard' wood but instead uncovered a dead cat. It's a place I want the important people to understand and 'get' but almost not 'get' too much...

Anyway, that's that - Vauxhall Beach, carry on as you are.
Vauxhall Beach4
Vauxhall Beach7
Vauxhall Beach8
Vauxhall Beach1
As you many have noticed, I have decided to crack back on with my YouTube channel, because you know what, it made me happy and what better reason is there to do something? 


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