Vauxhall Film Festival

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Vauxhall Film Festival
Vauxhall Film Festival3
Vauxhall Film Festival5
Vauxhall Film Festival10
Vauxhall Film Festival7
Vauxhall Film Festival

South London does a good job of providing fun, friend gathering activities - first up is the Vauxhall Film Festival. The Pleasure Gardens have been showing a film every Tuesday. I met my friends, grabbed a picnic and settled down to watch Alan Partridge broadcast his way hilariously through 'Alpha Papa'.

We opted for a picnic but there were food vans ready and waiting for the hungry customers to descend, booze sellers and lovely people walking around selling popcorn 'the film lovers favourite'. We arrived at 7 and the film started as the sun began to set around 9.

There are three more weeks to go showing 'Slumdog Millionaire', 'This is the Spinal Tap' and 'The Big Lebowski'. I can't miss rocking up to Vauxhall in my dressing gown to cosy down for a night with the dude. One thing we didn't necessarily anticipate was how quickly the night drags the cold with it. Next time I will stock up on blankets, although we did all manage to transform into one organism to share heat which was cosy.
Vauxhall Film Festival11
Vauxhall Film Festival2
Vauxhall Film Festival1
Vauxhall Film Festival6
Vauxhall Film Festival8
Vauxhall Film Festival9
Vauxhall Film Festival4


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