DIY Iced Coffee

Monday, 7 July 2014

DIY Iced Coffee
DIY Iced Coffee3
DIY Iced Coffee1

DIY Iced Coffee

Summer arrives and along with the sun comes my 'iced coffee' cravings. As you can imagine, this can be quite a spendy habit - forcing me to find a cheaper and tastier alternative.

Watch, create and drink your body weight in cold coffee.


- Don't use hot water.. a rather obvious one but you know...
- Make coffee iced cubes to avoid that slightly watery coffee aftermath
- Use pretentious jam jars to like the best, quirkiest coffee sipper

I may have gone a little wild with the DIY, crafty sessions recently - if you are looking for some weekend inspiration, click and you can see the rest of my videos on my channel. Please watch, like and subscribe if the mood takes you.
DIY Iced Coffee4
DIY Iced Coffee2


  1. I can imagine how wonderful it tastes! x

  2. I could really drink this right now. Is your dress asos? I have had my eye on that for so long and it would have snapped it up if it wasn't for my rubbish maternity pay! x


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