Welcome Back to the Eightie's

Friday, 4 July 2014

DIY Jeans1
DIY Jeans4
DIY Jeans6
DIY Jeans3
Welcome Back to the Eighties

After this weeks delayed video, I thought it was only fair to expand on the video and show you my new creations in full glory. I took my newly tie-dyed jeans for a wander around Camberwell Arts Festival, sampling the delights of the craft fair as I went. The baked goods were part of the cake competition that my housemates were judging.. pretty sure they did well, I mean - look at them. If I could offer you smell-a-vision, I would because they smelt mouth wateringly delicious (and tasted it, obviously)

The Camberwell atmosphere sucks you in and makes you want to feel like part of the community, I am pretty sure we all left the park with a library card and a fistful of activity leaflets that we are going to attend. If I every have an afternoon off and you can't find me - I may be sat amongst friends at the library film afternoon, eating cake with the Camberwell elders.

I also wanted to give my new love / hate sandals a whirl - I received 'interested' looks rather than looks of despair which is positive.

I stood on top of the world that day.

If you fancy watching me creating them, CLICK HERE - you can also find lots more evidence of me waffling and prancing around there also.
DIY Jeans5
DIY Jeans7
DIY Jeans8
DIY Jeans2


  1. You look super, love the sandals :)) So cool. Thank you for coming to my blog, do come again soon. Have a great week doll :)) xx

    1. Thanks! Your blog is ace, I plan to make regular trips over! x


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