Fool For Love - The Dress of Dreams

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

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Fool For Love - The Dress of Dreams

...You are picking apples on an orchard in Woodstock with your sweetheart, you carry your bounty back to the wooden cottage you are staying in and get started on apple pies and an afternoon nap...
Wear the Fool For Love dress with a big straw hat and a bunch of daisies .
Who could not fall in love with this dress after reading this description?

This dress has been waiting patiently for the right amount of sun, grass and happiness to tease it out of the wardrobe. Myatts Field Park opened its gates for the 'Camberwell Arts Festival' delivering delicious food, reggae bands and shaved ice. SHAVED ICE? Possibly the most magical discovery, ever. Not only does it look ridiculously instagrammable but it's a delight to the taste buds.

Two of my housemates were judging the 'Camberwell Bake Off' - they appreciated my offer of being 'chief taster' before gracefully pointing me in the opposite direction... The bandstand was transformed to host a pretty spectacular reggae band, did you know that sunny days are made for reggae music?

Toujours Toi Family Affairs is one of the most beautiful brands, with one of the loveliest people behind the helm. Me and Nina discovered that we have a mutual love for what each other creates - skill swapping was the only way forward. Skill for skill, dresses for paintings.. but more on that soon!

Camberwell is starting to feel like home.
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  1. Rainbow shaved ice looks amazing! Damn on missing out on being chief taster, that sounds like my dream job.

    p.s I love your Shoreditchification print, features some of my favourite places.


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