Tropical Pale

Friday, 25 July 2014

Brighton July 20144
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Tropical Pale

Do you not just love how close Brighton is to London? You can almost smell the salt and you can most definitely hear the shrill squawk of the seagulls.

We arrived at Blackfriars station early one Saturday morning armed with train snacks and a hunger to see the sea. There were around 5 of us, allowing us to 'group save' - I thought this would give us a quid off, but no, it's actually awesome - we all got a day return for £6! That is cheaper than a glass of wine in London. £6 for a day of sun, sea and sand. Ok it was too cold for the sea and the sun only flashed its face, but you get the jist - it's cheap and extremely cheerful.

Vintage shopping is one of my favourite things to do... until it goes wrong, then it is just heartbreaking. I found the most beautiful vintage dress I have ever seen, I stripped mid-shop before quickly realising it just didn't fit. Ruined. It wasn't even just a little small, you know the kind of small you could vow to lose weight for. I almost wanted to buy it just to hang on my wall, but that would have been too sad. Anyway, if you want the most beautiful dress in the world and you are slightly smaller than me - get to 'Smugglers Paradise' in Brighton, now.

I decided that all white (yes legs included) with a hint of the tropics was the best direction to go with for a slightly overcast day at the beach - good choice? I was browsing the always ever tempting aisles of Primark and set eyes on the pineapple socks from across the store. I mean, come on!

We spent the rest of the day drinking and visiting Brighton's eateries, before settling down with a can on the beach to watch the sun set on another day in Brighton.
Brighton July 201411
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Brighton July 20143
Look at it, just look at it...
Brighton July 20148
Brighton July 201412
Brighton July 201418
Brighton July 201413
Brighton July 2014
Oh Brighton, you beauty - until next time.


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