Vauxhall Beach

Friday, 13 June 2014

Vauxhall Beach5
Vauxhall Beach2
Vauxhall Beach
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Vauxhall Beach8
Vauxhall Beach

Vauxhall has a beach, an urban beach, a hidden gem if you will.

At the low tide, you can wander onto the beach and take in London from a rather lovely view point. I was however at the beach on a strict mission to uncover wood for my friends art exhibit... and jump on logs, obviously. We managed to uncover a whole pile of treasures to be transformed into a work of art, we did however also uncover a dead cat, which was a much less pleasing discovery - to the eyes, nose and soul.

There is something about the Thames and the views that go along with the area that make me get that swell of realisation that I live in London now. A lot of my days are spent hopping onto the tube to work and back again, I could almost be anywhere, but soaking up that view - London.

My mac has got an awful lot of use to say I almost wrote it off as a 'flasher coat', it is perfect for days when it is warm but the dark clouds are hanging menacingly overhead, which seems to be most days in the UK...

If you are spending a few hours prowling the Thames, then Vauxhall Beach is worth a look-in.
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Vauxhall Beach1
Vauxhall Beach9
Vauxhall Beach7
Vauxhall Beach4


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