Oval Farmers Market

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Farmers Market2
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Farmers Market
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Oval Farmers Market

After living in South East London for a year, I discovered the 'Oval Farmers Market' which appears in St Marks Church every Saturday from 10 until 3.

I have always walked past in a hurry and not really paid much attention, that is until the delicious scent of dripping, Somerset cheese drew me in. There are around 20 stalls, with a mix of stalls selling cheese, organic veg, home-made marmalades, cakes and epic cheese toasties, which were bulging with leeks and red onion...

After lapping the market a few times to make the best decision on lunch, we sat within the church grounds, in the sun eating and chatting in equal measures.

I love going to farmers markets, you feel like you are buying into somebody's life, rather than just stuffing food into a basket with no connection to anything. The man on the marmalade stand was pretty awesome 'would you like to try my Sicilian orange marmalade? I have made everything except the jars and table' - 'yes, yes I would'
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Farmers Market5
^^^ The said nicest marmalade wielding man
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  1. I've never been to a farmers market even though I've always wanted to - you're reminding me that I need to do some research in my area.

    Morag x

    1. You should definitely visit one in your local area, they are always rather pretty and provide delicious treats :) x


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