Musical Discoveries

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Musical Discoveries
Musical Discoveries

The sunshine has begun to shine and I have discovered some ACE Music. Some of the below artists I have stumbled upon myself, others I have been nudged in the right direction from my musically talented friend Simon.

I have compiled a Spotify playlist for your hearing pleasure below.

First Aid Kit
Swedish folk dou - I know, late to the party...

Post hardcore / skater punk - there was absolutely no way I wouldn't have liked this band - being the teen-emo I was.

John Wizards
South African band, a mix of afropop, reggae, R&B and South African house - happy music.

Trampled by Turtles
The best type of alternative folk, is the happiest kind. 'Wait so Long' is the song let reeled me in.

Janet Devlin
Not my usual taste but I have harboured a soft spot since her stint on X Factor.

Francois & The Atlas
French indie pop, afrobeat. The French win.


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