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Wednesday, 14 May 2014

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V&A Italian Glamour

I had a visitor from the North (what is a blog post without a Game of Thrones reference?...) so I planned a full day of Southern activities, first up  the V&A Italian Glamour Exhibit.

I am always the annoying person at an exhibit who has to read every annotation and whilst being annoying I discovered a pair of kindred spirits in the form of two older, ridiculously cool ladies. I began to lurk where they were looking because their insight into the exhibit was fascinating.

Videos featuring glimpses into catwalk shows dating back to the fifties were located around the exhibit and I was interested to see the models used were shapely and looked 30 - 40, I wonder when the change to young / teen models happened, and why? Google surely must know... Fantastic exhibit anyway, I could have just stared at all the beautiful outfits all day - if you are in London you must go and witness the growth and boom of Italian Fashion.

I felt completely smug about my outfit choice when a well-dressed gent approached us to tell me I was fabulous and looked like a walking part of the exhibit... he must have been mad or not looking at me obviously... but I felt vainglorius nonetheless. Deserved.

This dress is perfect, there is always a story but I will save that for another post.

After we had soaked in our fill of culture and beautiful fabrics our stomachs directed us to Jackson + Rye for butter chicken (BUTTER CHICKEN) and cocktails. Jackson + Rye has been on my list of places to devour everything for a while and I was not disappointed, everything was beautiful down to the awesome illustrated menus designed by Bjorn Lie. His work is pretty brilliant all the time but I think his style fit so easily in with the Jackson + Rye brand.

Chicken was shortly followed by cocktails / cider at Harvey Nichols.. we were rolling big time.

London is awesome, but it was especially awesome this day. We both decided we wanted cheese and we both decided we wanted champagne - I typed these stipulations into google and London delivered. Fromage and Cheese in Covent Garden. The champagne was reasonable and oh so tasty and the cheese was just ridiculous. The waitress found out what type of cheese we most loved and designed our board around that, I cannot gush about this place enough - maybe a whole posts worth??

Anyway after eating everything, all day we slumped home to drink prosecco and eat take out pizza - a luxurious and well needed / deserved day I say.

I vlogged the while weekend on my YouTube channel so if you are remotely interested in hearing / seeing / witnessing more that have a look at that HERE!

I have just opened a Depop account and listed my first item (username - ashleyfauguel) I can see this app becoming and addiction!

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Italian Glamour


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