Over Thinking Life

Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Over Thinking Life
Over Thinking Life 

Me: What's wrong?

Me: Oh nothing... just over-thinking every aspect as my life as a human on this earth, sometimes thinking about things so much that I actually think myself out of them.

Me: Oh right, weird eh?

Me: Yeah, weird.

So I  over-think life. I over-think and worry about everything including ridiculously inconsequential details. I seem to spend a lot of my time worrying about the outcome of an action that it becomes a lot bigger entity than it needs to be. I stress myself out, I create scenarios in my head, I almost make myself believe someone is angry with me because they blinked twice instead of once, (ok not that mental but) you get it right?

How do you stop over-thinking things? I am over-thinking things now by compiling a blog post about it. I am just trying to find ways to leave my head, which can be so 'judgey' of my life and choices.

So again, how do you stop over-thinking things? Well I have discovered that you can't, this is where 'Mindfulness' has made itself known. The pessimistic side of my brain dismissed the concept of 'Mindfulness' instantly but the rest and better half of me was completely ready to take the (ever so slightly yoga mum) plunge.

Mindfulness is so hot right now... HA, ok ridiculous statement but the meaning behind it is true. Mindfulness is not only something that is becoming necessary in our lives, but it is something we crave. Being able to switch off, move a way from the computer, move a way from your phone and focus on being an actual human being.

I just so happen to have found a rather promising app, that just may help me stop worrying so much - get myself out of my head and get some 'Headspace'. This app only wants ten minutes of my life for ten days and in return I should become a happier person? Sweet deal right? That's what I thought.

I decided I would give it a go for ten days and see. I will report back with my findings - not thinking for ten minutes a day could work. I may miss someones witty comment on Twitter, someones meal on Instagram OR even a Buzzfeed link but I am willing to sacrifice this for my sanity.

If you are a yoga worshipper does this help? Any other headspace and mindfulness believers out there? I will report back in ten days, watch this (head) space.


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