The Clothing Gods Align

Sunday, 27 April 2014

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From the body to Instagram in under one minute - skills
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The Clothing Gods Align

Weird title but you know.... you know right?

Going home to Manchester for the weekend is exciting in numerous ways - I get to eat lots of nice homemade food, have a bath (baths in a shared house are just not the one), see my family, see friends, watch The OC boxset and get the opportunity to reconnect with long forgotten items of clothing.

I found these ASOS boots lurking in a drawer under my bed. How had I forgotten to pack them in my important shoe bag when hauling my life to London? Rookie move. Anyway we are reunited and very happy to be back together (I had to do a little grovelling, obviously... but all is forgiven)

The boots just so happened to go oh so perfectly with my new Primark shirt and rings... (I filmed a little 'Spring Haul' on my YouTube channel if you feel like being a little nosier, and who isn't?) Don't you just love it when the clothing gods align?

I was about to write 'I just threw this on' before slapping my hand away from the keyboard - what does the phrase even mean, no one just 'throws clothes on' because that would be stupid and an overly aggressive way to make yourself less naked.... anyway I did put this outfit together with very little thought to meet my friends for brunch and life just turned out nicely.

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Top, Rings & Bag - Primark, Boots - Asos,  Jamie Jeans - Topshop, Necklace - Vintage, Coat - No idea... sorry, Lips - Revlon Colourburst Matt Balm, Flamboyant
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