Eat The Weekend

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Eat The Weekend

I don't think I had ever properly realised the excitement Easter can bring - two days off work and it is perfectly acceptable to devour your body weight in chocolate? WHAT? The Easter arrived... along with the typical English 'let-down' weather. Allan was staying in London with me over Easter - days of food, beer and Game of Thrones followed.

Opening the curtains on Bank Holiday Monday pushed my bank into the confines of my warm duvet watching videos on YouTube and listening to the rain trying to enter the house. Opening the curtains for a second time was a lot more pleasing - SUNSHINE.

Me and Allan immediately leaped into the shower / clothes and in the space of 30 minutes we were out the door to make the most of this peculiar turn around. There were rumours of a Street Food Festival at Queens Walk along the Southbank so we set off in that direction, willing to take solace in a pub if the taps turned on again.
We hit the Thames, still sunny - so sunny in fact that we actually sat on a boat OUTSIDE with a beer before continuing onto Queens Walk. The food festival looked (and smelled) incredible. After runnin around all the stalls wanting to eat everything - I settled for a home brewed cider, the best hot dog in the whole world from ' The Polish Deli London', followed by a pot of churros from 'Churros Garcia'
Whilst walking along the Thames feeling that ' London in the sun feeling' I thought it was time to take a few snaps of what I was wearing - you can see under the rain mac my choice of outfit was slightly more optimistic.


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