Lazy Sunday Funday

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Lazy Sunday Funday
Lazy Sunday Funday1
Lazy Sunday Funday3
Lazy Sunday Funday2
Lazy Sunday Funday

After spending almost four days lay in bed, trying to give an evil chest infection its eviction notice - fresh air was more than needed and necessary.

When I'm tired, sickness strikes or I'm just being lazy I tend to reach for my comfiest jeans, a slouchy t-shirt and running trainers (they need to get some use somehow, I was sick of the longing looks...) and today was no different - I threw on my mac, left my face make-up free and went in search of fresh air and sunshine. We have a park really close to our house, which always provides solace. I dragged my friend for a walk around the park, before crashing in a heap to drink fizzy drinks and read Kinfolk magazine (hands down the most beautiful publication I have ever seen)

I don't think anywhere, any place ever looks as beautiful as it does when the sun is setting.
Lazy Sunday Funday4
Lazy Sunday Funday5


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