Birkenstocks are back?

Friday, 18 April 2014

Birkenstocks are back?

Historically donned by Roman's and 'flower children'

Birkenstocks, (along with Crocs and Uggs...) have always been placed in the fashion 'black hole' section of my wardrobe. Items that in normal circumstances I wouldn't dream of wearing, and definitely not craving desperately to wear. I have always steered clear of the clunky, orthopedic looking creations - until now, this very moment.... life will never be the same again.

Why on earth have Birkenstocks been resurrected and why oh why have I, along with the rest of the world, succumbed to their unexplainable charm? It has to be all the beautiful, 'casual is the way' people walking around looking comfortable and oddly stylish.

Summer is never great for me wardrobe wise - I'm the palest of pale, I just have to look at the sun and I burn, also I dislike sandals immensely - so you would be correct in thinking that Birkenstocks wouldn't usually be an item to flash up on my radar... add to that a variety of older men wandering the streets wearing jeans, a Hawaian print shirt and Birkenstocks (always Birkenstocks) you could forgive me for not being a fan. Am I that person? A footwear hypocrite? A Birkenstock bully who has been turned / seduced / converted?

It is time for me to make a stand, admit I was wrong and buy a pair of deliciously comfortable, healthy feet enablers.

I mean if you haven't been enticed by the Birkenstock worshipping cult before now, the below images will certainly do that! Are they your summer shoe of choice? Or just no?...

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