Sick of Being Sick

Monday, 14 April 2014

                     Sick of Being Sick
Sick of Being Sick.

As the title suggests, I'm ill and getting rather bored of it.

I seem to have had a cough forever (read: 2 months, ever the drama queen...) and it's kicked up its game this week with an added chest infection. Super strength antibiotics, sleep, Netflix and vegetables seem to be helping matters, but I thought I would throw this out into the internet universe incase there is anyone else feeling just as shitty.

I have never had the most resilient immune system (I spent few years with tonsillitis as my sidekick) but it seems to have been ridiculously un-immune to everything over the past year. I have been trying to up my lifestyle to a healthier version, which I am not sure is making a massive difference but I understand logically that it should improve my life overall.

Taking a few days of work to binge watch the Vampire Diaries has certainly made the 'getting well' process easier to digest but I still don't feel 'well'. My face for one feels like the sahara - a desert that even my most moisturising moisturiser just won't touch...

But tomorrow will be better, episode two of Game of Thrones is on tonight so all is well with the world. If anyone has any immune boosting tips please let me know!


  1. gotta love VD it will always help you feel better no matter whats wrong...oh damion... lol. feel better soon I have a terrible immune system and berocca vitamin drink really helps me. :) x

    1. It was a pretty good prescription I must admit! Cheers, I have the berocca to hand x


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