Sunday, 23 February 2014


This was one of those Saturdays that make all other Saturdays want to worker harder to please and shine. 

This weekend started with salt & pepper chicken thighs, deep fried mac and cheese (YES, look below), cider and Wishbone in Brixton Village. Our aim was to meet, eat and then carry on to the morbidly amazing activity of exploring Highgate Cemetery.... we ended up meeting later (the call of the Saturday morning lie in was just too strong) and eating everything deep friend Wishbone had to offer before realising the last tour would be starting in Highgate as we were inhaling the last scraps of chicken...

The chicken, oh the chicken... 

What is this magic? - deep fried mac and cheese? WHAT?

We decided the next best thing to a Highgate visit was to walk, a lot, we needed to make room for more cake and more cider. We took off strolling along the Thames and I'm amazed by how I seem to forget I live in London - as I'm nearing the river it hits me... 'I live in London now, look at me walking along the Thames'

I roped Laura into playing outfit photographer as I pranced around concrete blocks, she fortunately agrees with the 'outfit photograph' concept. 

The day looks suspiciously warmer than it is, but it's not raining so I'm not complaining. That should be the new motto for England 'if it's not raining, don't be complaining'.... or maybe not, whatever. We seemed to walk for miles only stopping for coffee, cake and gazes out over London...

Somerset House seemed like the obvious finish line and we crossed it with fervour at the prospect of a free exhibit and lets face it, a toilet. The Thames has many things but a nice, clean public toilet it does not. After a pre-pub rush to Topshop our day had drawn to a close. 

Anyone have the BEST idea for a perfect Saturday? Fess up, I need them.
Coat & Top - Topshop, Scarf - Harry Potter World (Gryffindor of course), Boots - Vintage, Dress - H&M


  1. Deep fried mac and cheese? There is a god!

  2. There is a god and he is delicious...


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