Potter World

Friday, 7 February 2014

Potter World

I managed to live in London almost seven months without visiting the Harry Potter Studio Tour, as a die hard Potter fan that's pretty disgraceful. The constantly sold out tickets didn't help exactly BUT we finally went and it was magical... obviously (and yes the use of 'magical' was most definitely necessary)

Walking through the doors of the great hall into the world of Harry Potter was excitable shake inducing. The aspect of the tour I enjoyed most was being able to see the crazy amount of detail that went into every inch of the films. I would have loved to have been the designer creating the spell books that lined the classrooms, the portraits of the past headmasters hanging in Dumbledores office were literally incredible!

I rode a broom!!! Although being the only person over three foot high in the queue was eye opening... butterbeer wasn't the taste explosion I was hoping for but I feel part of the Harry Potter club for drinking it.

I sometimes wish there was somewhere in the universe where Harry Potter actually existed, although if it did I would be devastated not to be one of the 'chosen ones' being a muggle in that world just doesn't cut it.

This may be the geekiest post but who cares, go to Harry Potter world - ride a broom and have a bloody good time kids.
Wearing pretty much all Topshop... Boots - Dune, Bag - Debenhams

Tapestries created especially for the films, Grayson Perry eat your heart out.



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