New Year, New Hair, New Me and all That

Monday, 20 January 2014

New Year, New Hair, New Me and all That

It's a new year, it's half way through January, I am a week away from being 27.

I made the decision to get rid of my long hair, I chopped off almost half the length (much to the hairdressers dismay... 'are you scared?') and I feel lighter in all the ways that word can be taken. Long hair just takes too long to dry and too long to make it look at all interesting.

Anyway, I mentioned in a few posts back that I have an absolute back log of blog posts after my computer decided to conk out, that means that my hair is going to re-grow and piss off again enough to be vaguely confusing...

Last year was a 'big change' year. I got a new job, a job that I can having some kind of future. My collective started making ace work and people started being able to see that. I moved back to London, moved to a new area and went through a pretty tough few months. 2014 needs to be there year of 'settling in' so to speak. Being comfortable enough with my life and whats happening in it that I can be less tired and a lot more social.

I am one of those people who will embrace the new year, make tons of unachievable goals and then forget all about the positivity and promises as soon as the January blues hit. This year will be different, instead of resolutions and the almighty 'I will drop ten pounds very week, whilst consuming no bread or fat of any kind' I have decided towards a to-do list of sorts - things I want to complete / achieve this year, minor changes, new things to try and so on.

I won't bore you with the meter long list currently residing between my brain and notebook but I will share a few, otherwise I am pretty sure this would be a massively unsatisfactory read:

- Be more bendy. I am the stiffest person, have been since birth all the way through to being terrified     of doing a roly poly and creeping to the back of the PE line. I believe giving yoga and pilates a try may help this dream become a reality.

- Not many people know (or would guess, lets face it) but I used to play the steel pans in high school and I was actually quite good. I want to find a class in London and see if I can make any of that 'pan hitting' talent bubble to the surface again.

- Be less tired, I am aiming to go the gym at least once a week, eat less rubbish and eat more green things - that helps right?

- Focus more time on doing fun things with my illustration collective 'Three Piece Suite' who are pretty bloody awesome.

- All of my friends are now in numerous places across the globe, I want to make more time to catch up and speak to people - Skype dates are the future you know. I have a lot of ace friends in London but London is also a huge place with a  lot of people, I think I need to meet more of them. I joined a book club near the end of last year, which I really love going to. If can find more fun activities with the opportunity to meet new people then I am game.

- I managed to dip my foot into the world of YouTube last year, but 2014 is the year I plan to dive in. No wimping.

I also plan on blogging twice a week, any days preferable to anyone? This may not happen every week because life has a funny habit of getting in the way sometimes BUT I plan to try my absolute hardest.

Anyone have any fun resolutions to share, there is always room on the to-do list..


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