Tropical Night In

Monday, 8 July 2013

Pimms and the perfect excuse to wear a dress with tassles on it
Worth every penny..
Tropical Night In

I decided to take on the Money Supermarkets 'Big Night In' challenge - £50 to make a night worth staying in for.

Since we haven't had much of a summer (I say that sat here sweltering) I decided it would be fun to go completely sun mad and throw a tropical night in. First up a paddling pool and fishing game from the 99p shop... no? That's not the first thing you buy? Oh... We scavenged around various supermarkets to get the best deals on food and booze whilst gaining the 'most annoying thrifter' badge. I enlisted a couple of my friends to help make the food - I was on kebab/jelly and crisp pouring duty whilst Sophie rustled up pizzas and Camilla went all Mary Berry on some boxes of cakes.

We went wild in the 99p store and bought tablecloths (because we are super classy like that), tropical yellow glasses to give the Pimms the royal treatments and some luminous pink cocktail glasses to glamourously cup the jelly.

What is a tropical party without games I hear you exclaim!! Well it's not - I downloaded the 'Heads Up' game of iTunes, 69p worth of fun... we also made a makeshift coconut shy in the garden and got a bit saucy with limbo (with a broom and wall of course). Spending a grand total of £50 - I think it was definitely worth a night in!
Ending the night with an arty, tropical shot...


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