Oh Betty You Charmer

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

My illustration in Betty! Woo!
Oh Betty You Charmer

I had a little illustration in the latest Betty Magazine, which is bloody ace! Seeing something I have created in a magazine is slightly surreal, but nice (cheeky Notting Hill reference there for all you rom-commers)

I had the chance to go along on the launch night for the magazine, which involved popcorn, pretty dresses, champagne, cider cocktails and beehives galore. Betty is beautiful/nostalgic to look at, so it was only natural to feel like you were walking into a beautiful vintage film for the opening night. I had the chance to meet some other ace Betty contributors/lovers and waffle all things Betty (over a photogenic cocktail complete with a photogenic straw)

I am pretty sure you will all know and love Betty magazine, but if you don't - rectify that situation now, here. BETTY MAGAZINE


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