Mei Mei's Street Cart

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Mei Mei's Street Cart

I am all for dabbling into the wondrous world of pop up street food, it seems to be a London right of passage. I can't think of anything better than heading to a disused Citroen garage to find a vintage, 1960's, Chinese pop-up restaurant.
Chinese comfort food anticipation face.
If you find making a decision painstaking then you can make your way to the garage without fear - there are two menu options, veggie and carnivorous. Being an avid meat fan, the choice was simple. We started with a mixture of prawn, pork and chicken tasters.... before moving up to the beef finisher.

The pop-up is byob so grab some beers, wine, or a cheeky bottle of vodka on the way to accompany the night. The pop up is open all July in Highbury & Islington if you fancy an after work adventure. Put on your most sultry of dresses and step back into the 1960's China - Mei Mei's Street Cart!
Obviously needed to flash my wares of the day - dipping my toes into the world of high waisted skinny's
Best cakes made by the hands of Hayley, you can see her glee at the sight of them.
Sultry darkness shots to finish of the evening


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