Making New Friends.

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Looking good
Making new friends.

Centre Parcs is great.

The weather was on our side mostly except one extremely wet bike ride (^^^) which actually turned out to be quite invigorating... especially when followed by a crap load of chocolate pancakes.

I am the least athletic person ever (ever seems strong but I am pretty sure I am in the top percentage of shit athletes) so going to a place where athleticism is at the top of the agenda is almost unthinkable but I surprised even myself - I threw myself into bike riding, badminton and fresh air inhaling. We must be natural forest goers and give off a Snow White type of vibe as animals kept gravitating towards our cabin, especially Centre Parcs most intimidating swan characters...

BBQ time in the forest is pretty much the best time, there is something about eating a diet of meat with your hands in the outdoors that makes you feel super human. The sun almost seems to set prettier in the forest with a blanket and a beer in hand.

I have a bit of a catch up post coming to just to fill the internet in on my movements since I was last here.. also guys, BLOGLOVIN
Just a whole plate of goodness.


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