Being at one with nature.

Sunday, 23 June 2013

Blouse - Topshop, Skirt - American Apparel, Scarf - Urban Outfitters, Ace boy - Bloggers own.
Being at one with nature.

I have been a little bit awol from this little space on the internet - so I thought I would kick things off by blogging the things that have been cast aside for weeks on my desktop.

I recently went on a trip to Centre Parcs (Robin Hood land) with my boyfriend and his family and of course came to the conclusion that some kind of outfit had to be shot prancing around the forest. I grabbed my characteristically un-snap happy, camera wielder and set off to collect some pine cones. I subconsciously wanted to blend in with my surrounding and be at one with nature in various shades of forest.

I seem to be morphing slowly into a victorian child - I can't walk past deep colours, bows or ribbons without my eyes lighting up. I am sure you will see the progression over the coming months, maybe I need a wooden horse to complete the transition.

You can always rely on Centre Parcs locations to charm your socks off, but more on that in the next post. (Next post, I know - I'm planning ahead... for once....)

Also as you may all now Google Friend Connect is packing it's bags and leaving us for good but Bloglovin is already waiting with open arms, here I am - BLOGLOVIN


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