Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Company Session2
I'm on the Company Website! YAY You can learn a bit more about all the shortlisted Company Grads HERE
Company Session

I know I already told you all that I was shortlisted to co-edit the october issue of Company Magazine but I left you in the dark about the details. I hopped a train to London yesterday to meet the Company gang at Graduate Fashion Week for a 'Company Grads Session' and I thought I may as well take you guys along with me - video styleee (venture to the bottom of the post guys or YouTube - options)

Company Session1

I instantly knew I was nearing Graduate Fashion week on the tube when the outfit choices started to improve (and on occasion go slightly mental). Along with collaborating with Company on the Company Grads issue, George also sponsors Graduate Fashion week - coolest brand? I think so. We were asked to come up with a few feature ideas and brainstorms to talk through to Features Ed Lena, Art Director Tanita and George Brand Director Fiona.

Whilst all the interviews were going on we were left with copious amounts of Company magazines, scissors and pritt stick to go mad with. The aim wasn't just to cut and stick - it was to cut and stick together our idea for a Company magazine cover. As always with collages I got a bit too excited and stuck down ALL the magazines but I think it turned out alright in the end (you judge - theres a cheeky flash in my vlog)

Getting to wander around and take in Graduate Fashion Week was pretty ace in itself - so all in all a pretty wicked day. Wish me luck!
If you fancy hearing me ramble and seeing a lot of my face then you are in the right place...


  1. Good luck! :)

  2. Anything with lots of your face is alright with me. Also I forgot how posh your voice is! ha ha! GOOOOOOOD LUCK!!! If they don't pick you, they be crazy!! x

    1. Cheers Amy! Posh voice? Haha, ace. x


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