Winning at Wednesdays 06 - Feeling Sixteen.

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Winning at Wednesdays04
Winning at Wednesdays 06 - Feeling Sixteen.

A few days ago I went to see Minus the Bear (blog post to follow obviously) who had mostly been off my radar since college. As with most bands I listened to when I was younger, I instantly felt sixteen again (with the slight addition of being legally allowed to drink) and it made me crave being sixteen again.

Listening - I scoured my cd shelves (which usually get overlooked for my iTunes library) and wacked out a few old faithfuls - Taking Back Sunday and Sum 41 were particular favourites at 16.

Wearing - I discovered a gold mine of jewellery I used to believe made me look insanely cool, including a guitar pick earring and an eye ball bracelet with fully moveable eye balls. Fun fact - I wore the eye ball bracelet when I met my boyfriends family for the first time almost 8 years ago... god knows what impression that gave off!

- Another firm favourite at 16 (along with rock t-shirts and tutus) was the addition of a glitter mask I used to place on my face and subsequently left glitter everywhere I went like some kind of crazy, rock fairy.

Ok reminiscing over but I think it's nice that music and even just a smell can make you come over all misty eyed and sentimental, don't you think?


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