Feeling Sixteen.

Thursday, 16 May 2013

Feeling Sixteen.

As I waffled on about in yesterdays post - sometimes it's nice to feel sixteen again. I went along to a Minus the Bear gig a few days ago and was instantly transported to my (now very distant) college years. It felt almost appropriate to dress like an overgrown school girl - satchel an all.

We participated in a selection of more adult activities like eating lots of food (bread and dripping - it sounds gross but oh my you have no idea) and lots of drinking before the gig and then continued to visit a few bars and go 'grown up' bowling for afters (I CAME SECOND, this probably doesn't sound that exciting but this never, ever happens)

It got me thinking about what has changed since I was 16 and if I could have ever imagined 10 years ago what my life would be like now. A few key things that I have gained as I have matured is an ability to hold my drink better, I am no longer a strictly chicken nugget and chips kinda gal, confidence, which enabled me to travel the world and place my face in this space, a career plan, lots of ace friends and a boyfriend who has pretty much came along for most of the ride with me.
Dress - Hand me down from Marie, Blouse - New Look, Boots - River Island, Bag and Scarf - Urban Outfitters.


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