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Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Dreaming - Amongst the endless supply of job applications, I am well and truly dreaming of Paris. The first week in May is firmly highlighted in my diary. I have a few ideas of what I have to do there, including the Chagall exhibition, the Deyrolle taxidermie shop, Jim Morrison's grave and as many little, gorgeous smelling book shops as possible.... but if you have any more recommendations they would be massively appreciated!

Reading - "The Element - How Finding Your Passion Changes Everything" by Ken Robinson. This book was on my book list on my MA and I avoided it because it sounded like a self help book, not something I usually jump at the chance to read. I read a few reviews online, discovered what an absolute inspiration Ken Robinson is and tok the plunge.

It's basically about how pin pointing activities that make you happy can be your key to success, not ignoring your passions because you believe they don't matter in the grand scheme of your life. It is less of a self help book and more of a confidence builder - seeing other peoples stories of embracing who they are.

Also Reading - 'Kafka on the Shore' from Haruki Murakami, I am only just on the cusp of reading this so no opinion as of yet but I do love Haruki Murakami so I am sure I will be engrossed after chapter one.

Wanting - The Estee Lauder 'Mad Men' collection. I was sold as soon as I witnessed the ridiculously ace, vintage packaging - I instantly had images of me running around town, with a bouffant, topping up my make up from my compact. Oh my, I have just looked again and I definitely need the see thru blush - why are you 48 English pounds?

Eating - Lots of Mexican food at Luck, Lust, Liquor and Burn. Manchester is where I was brought up but I haven't lived here properly for years so now I am home for a while I have started to discover it all over again. I may do a bit of a 'Guide to Manchester' if anyone would be interested?... but anyway you should go and eat Mexican food here - awesome food and reasonably priced.

Watching - 'Little White Lies' - 'Les Petits Mouchoirs'. A fantastically French film.

Buying - Bargains, bargains, bargains - you can take a sneaky look here...


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