Bargain Hunter.

Sunday, 7 April 2013

Bargain Hunter.

I mentioned in my last post that I succumbed to the charms of the charity shops and beauty establishments, so here we are. I found these pink thirties style heel for £3.99, a pink blouse for £2.49 and an awfully brilliant t-shirt for £1.99. The leather clutch is courtesy of a hunt through my grandmas wardrobe ;)
Harphurhey doesn't boast of many shops but what it isn't short of is bargain shops...
Pore strips and Candle - Poundshop, Sally Hansen 'Dry Kwik' - B&M, NSPA Moisturisers - ASDA (2 for £8), Large cotton wool pads and varnish remover - Wilkinsons, Revlon 'Nearly Naked', MUA blushers and Tresemme Liquid Gold - Superdrug.


  1. haha love that 'awful and amazing in equal measure'

    1. It truly is but I just couldn't leave it! Ha x


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