Bow time (actual bows not cider :(...)

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Tshirt Bows
Tshirt Bows
Tshirt Bows
Tshirt Bows
Tshirt Bows

No waste here OH NO!

What you will need;
- discarded sleeve
- scissors
- safety pin/elastic
- tacky glue

1. Cut the sleeve open and cut out a square and a smaller rectangle of the piping.

2. Pull the material together in the middle to create a bow shape and glue.

3. Wrap the extra bit of piping around the middle and glue.

4. Add either a safety pin or some elastic depending on how you would like to wear the creation :)



  1. Such a lovely bow! I need to try this :)

  2. i love your tutorials!
    and i love your blog. :D
    i've nominated you for the versatile blogger award, check it owwwwt at
    muchos christmas love


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