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Friday, 23 December 2011

Bracelet DIY
Bracelet DIY
Bracelet DIY
Bracelet DIY

I have been having an increasingly crafty Christmas - going back to a student status after being in a full time job definately takes a hit on the ol'bank balance, I have found a fun way around it, homemade cards, paper, tags and a few pressies! So if you are still looking for some pressies and fancy giving it a go...

You will need;
- embroidery cotton
- scissors
- a hard object (to lend a hand)
- clasps and rings
- beads
- time to faff

1. Gather materials and choose the colours you want your necklace to be.

2. Separate a few threads. I choose 1 thread from each colour to keep the necklace delicate looking.

3. Plait all the strings together, using your hard object to keep everything in place. (not gonna lie, this takes a while...)

4. Place on the bead of your choice, and then attach the clasp and the ring to each end of the necklace.

5. I then made a cardboard package to bring it all together :)

ENJOY!ENJOY! (I am hoping the recipient doesn't happen to read this...) CHRISTMAS IS ALMOST HERE!!!


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