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Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Tshirt DIY
Tshirt DIY
Tshirt DIY
Tshirt DIY
Tshirt DIY

So for this badboy you will need;
- bleach
- tshirt
- scissors
- safety pins
- old paintbrush
- rubber gloves
- plastic bags

1. Cover the place you are working in plastic bags and pop a bag inside the tshirt to stop the bleach running straight through to the back (unless obviously you would like that effect)

2. Water down the bleach, 1 part bleach mixed with 2 parts water. Put on your gloves and apply the bleach in a design of your choice.

3. Go over as many times as needed to get the colour you like, leave for 45 minutes then put it in the washing machine (on its own..) and then leave to dry.

4. Cut off the sleeves and the piping around the collar, then cut the sleeve open at the top.

5. Attach the top of the tshirt back together with safety pins.

***wear whilst listening to heavy metal, head banging and drinking white lightening***

I will be posting up a way to use the discarded sleeves tomorrow... If anyone does try this let me know :) and outfit post to follow...

ENJOY! I am now packing all my belongings and I am going to make my way back to Manchester for CHRISTMAS :)


  1. wow that's a really cool idea. It's so simple, but I had never thought about it before.
    I was wondering, did you get my mail?


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