Swiss Miss

Thursday, 13 October 2011

'McRaclette' - Swiss Mcdonalds is fancy...

I want to live in Switzerland - although if I did I could pretty much guarantee I would at least double in size. The food is immense - mouthwatering steak, amazing bread, sausages, cheese and obviously ridiculously good chocolate. Oui Vrai! It was my first fondue dipping experience - so much fun but I couldn't move afterwards - the pre dinner wine was maybe not the best idea especially when you then continue to pump yourself with melted cheese and bread...


  1. You did capture your wonderful time spent in Switzerland. I wonder what it feels like to be there. I never been in other countries before. It might be a good chance to go there just for a trip.

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  2. You should definately go to Switzerland - Its beautiful and will be so magical this time of the year!


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