Autumn - You have been sorely missed!

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

I love my brogues and the hate my ankles - not a fair exchange of emotion at all
Coat - Topshop, Brogues - Kate Kanzier

I am really not a summer person at all, I like Autumn and Winter. I'm not gonna lie I have been waiting to wear this coat for almost a month now - the sun was mocking its beautiful fur trim, but its now bye bye sun - hello lovely Christmassy smelling weather. It's a good job I am geared up for winter, apparently Switzerland may be coated in a lovely ice topping!

This was my Back to School outfit - complete with brogues (I have dubbed them 'The Destroyers') and backpack. Prepared.


  1. Lovely outfit! That coat is truly stunning! Autumn is one of my favorite months too...pumpkin soup, cosy socks, baking and crunching golden leaves!
    Lovely blog, following.
    Tori xo

  2. I love your coat! And thanks for joining my little writing project!

  3. I love your hair, i wish i could have a fringe like this. I cut one in a couple of years ago but it just didn't suit me, i don't suit it because of my glasses i think. I love it though, so much more easier to pull of fashionable clothes! x

  4. The oxfords look UHHDOORABULL ! and I love how you paired it with the fur trimmed coat ! x


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