The Lily Allen Effect

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

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The Lily Allen Effect

Sometimes you need to channel Lily Allen, this day happened to be one of those days.

This particular evening, I was making the trip to Surrey for dinner and drinks. I decided to get dressed up for no reason whatsoever, sometimes no reason, is the absolute best reason. I have been on the hunt for a pair of trainers for a while and couldn't quite bring myself to cave and get the Nike Free Runs, instead I decided on a pair of Adidas Sambas (mens - the women's selection just didn't cut the mustard..). The whole outfit selection, including a hipster half bun, felt very 2006 and I loved it.

The night consisted of steak, great company, good music and cider tasting (a bit like wine tasting but if you spit the cider out, people pelt you with apples - don't waste cider kids...). I know it's August so it is actually meant to be warm, but I am still amazed when I can sit outside at 11pm sans a coat / blanket / duvet. The only thing making me want to relocate indoors was the apple tree, that kept dropping apples uncomfortably close to my head - I survived, but only because I was supporting apple kind with my choice of booze...

Until next time :)
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Dress - HM, Trainers - Adidas
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  1. Such a cute look! Love the top knot and trainers.


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