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Friday, 21 August 2015

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Filming, The Aftermath | Hearts & Glitter

If you have seen the latest video to go up on my YouTube channel (if not, please oogle here – Ashley’s YouTube space) you may be wondering on how I managed to pop balloons full of glitter / confetti without making a mess...
Well my friends, I made a mess, but at least it was a big glittery mess – the type of mess that makes rubbish and outdoor spaces look fancier. I think it is an improvement to our garden if I’m honest, luckily my housemates share the same opinion.
My video is entitled ‘what happens when you break up?'. I decided that popping (bursting the bubble, if you will) heart balloons full of glitter and shiny things would be a great way to signify the end of a relationship. I also had the idea of making the balloon gather all of it's contents and sealing itself up again at the end, signifying a more mended, post-break up you, ready to take on the big bad world (aka, Tinder). 
I hope you enjoyed the video and I hope you enjoy seeing the beautiful mess :)
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