Love Lambeth Country Show

Sunday, 2 August 2015

Dress - Topshop, Sandals - Dune, Sunnies - Vintage
Love Lambeth Country Show

The Lambeth Country Show is becoming an annual tradition for me, it is the highlight of the South London summer calendar (yes, even including you Brixton Splash). For the past three years, as soon as that LCS weekend hit, I have donned a fancy outfit and marched myself straight to Brockwell Park and then, almost immediately to the Chucklehead Cider stand.

This year, the outfit choice was this seventies vibing, shirt dress of dreams. This dress was the dress that you buy despite it possibly wiping out your finances for the rest of the month, just because you can't live without it - having the dress counteracts the hardship... not a massively healthy view on clothing items as saviours of the modern day, but anywhoo...

I'm not sure I have ever explained my love of dogs to you, if I haven't, I have probably saved you a good few hours worth of gushing. Just so you don't feel left out, I will touch on the subject now. I ADORE dogs, I want my own as soon as I am a capable enough person to look after something other than myself. LCS always gives me the perfect opportunity to indulge from afar as dog spotting is rife. I'm not usually a Chihuahua fan, but we were ransacked by three of the lads and were fully won over.

Usually, I make time to take in the all the sights and sounds the show has to offer, including big veg, camel racing, delicious food, haystacks... (you know the country show drill) but this year, it was about cider, dogs and good company. I was fully content sitting, having a little tipple, talking and swaying to the wonderful music that is always hanging in the air.

Safe to say my head feel rather flat the following day, but as always - completely worth it. Until next year my friend.


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