My First Event

Friday, 31 July 2015

Bake Off Me1
My First Event

So, this was my first event (not in life terms, that's always eventful) at work and it went bloody WELL.

Our company were participating in the London Festival of Architecture and I wanted to do something slightly different, something creative and fun, which led to the first ever 'Great Architectural Bake Off'. We had eight design firms and three prominent judges descend upon our office to create / judge iconic London buildings out of cake, as you can see by the images - the teams went all out!

Bricks and mortar were switched artfully with Battenburg and icing. The teams arrived with van (actual vans, no exaggeration!) loads of supplies, team aprons, pre-baked cake bases, blow torches and Dremel drills!!

I enjoyed the whole thing, from the spark that started the idea, to pitching the idea, getting people interested, designing collateral, creating hype, emailing, organising, planning, blogging, photographing, managing, wheeling and dealing, eating and to top it all off drinking and celebrating.

Masterpieces were created, fun was had and we have created an annual event!! You can see more about the event and the champions here.
Bake Off Me
Top & Trousers - Topshop, Smug look - models own...
Bake Off Me2
So, I have awesome friends who gave up a day to help me! Laura & Milla!


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