Oval Farmers Market

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Oval Farmers, Amy2
Oval Farmers, Amy9
Oval Farmers, Amy
Oval Farmers, Amy7
Oval Farmers, Amy8
Oval Farmers, Amy10
Oval Farmers Market

I should have posted these agesss ago, because for one - the outfit photography is ten times more beautiful than what usually graces my blog, and two - the Oval Farmers Market is one of my favourite places to be in London on a Saturday morning and that is something that needs to be shared with the world (aka the internet).

This particular Saturday I met Amy (Vintage Reflection), her lovely, snap happy boyfriend Dave and her wondrous dog Coco (who she is lucky I didn't steal...) for breakfast. I really should branch out, but every time I walk over the market threshold, I am drawn to a cheese filled toastie and a coffee. Nothing wrong with loyalty.

Anyway, back to the market - I love this place, especially when I have a slightly fuzzy head from a little (too) social Friday night, the cheese, coffee and sheer wholesomeness of the farmers market evens me out again. There are so many characters in the market tat draw me back week after week - the lady on the coffee stand is always up for a good o'l chat, the older gent who sells jams makes my heart swell every time he asks me to try his home made jams and the guy on the 'giggly pig' stand just adores what he does and sells every time type of sausage going (all delicious obvs). Everyone grabs local groceries and breakfast and finds a spot on the ground to catch up with pals and eat.

Anyway, next weekend - rebel against the hangover, drag yourself from lying in your bed to lying next to a cheese toastie on the grass near Oval station. You won't regret it - brownies honour.
Oval Farmers, Amy11
Dress - Dahlia, Mac - HM, Backpack - New Look, Boots - ASOS
Oval Farmers, Amy5
Oval Farmers, Amy1
Oval Farmers, Amy3
Oval Farmers, Amy12
Oval Farmers, Amy4
Oval Farmers, Amy6
Outfit pictures by Shooting Dave.


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