Saturday, 30 May 2015


So, I haven't been around here recently. There was a break up, many, many months of drinking and dancing and being single with my most wondrous friends. Life feels like it should again.

All that was topped off with a trip to BERLIN with two of the lads. So, lets talk Berlin - that place is just magic. We took a long weekend, hopped a plane and booked into (my very first) Air BnB apartment in the trendiest of trendy districts - Kreuzberg.

Along with Canada, Berlin was a place I had never been but always thought that I could live. I was entirely correct, moving to Berlin would be no hard decision. I could easily slip into the arty culture and easy, laid back way of life. Nobody seems to take life or themselves too seriously - happy faces and beer consumption all around. The one difficulty would be the lack of cider...

A big part of the culture in Berlin is drinking / partying and we did our best to really explore that side of things. One of my biggest loves of this culture was the fact that people just wandered around with bottles of beer, drinking is something Berlin enjoys rather than binges on. We had various bars make us Espresso Martinis, we drank tequila, we drank bottles of beer on the metro and attended a rave in a disused swimming pool.

OK, can we talk about the clothes? Jeeessss Berlin knows how to do vintage and second hand. The moment we entered 'Humana' (a gigantic vintage store in the centre) we dispersed and didn't unite again until we had armfuls of clothes to try on and prance around in - safe to say we all left the store worrying about only bringing hand luggage... always a rookie mistake.

The one slightly mental choice we made was to partake in all of the super sad / super emotional parts of Berlin and its history on a killer hangover. Still, it was an important part of Berlin to take in - if it was on a hangover, then so be it.

Food was consumed, art was seen, history was remembered, beers were drunk, laughs were had, life happened.


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